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Women’s Scottish Seakayaking Festival

Last weekend of our stay in Scotland we joined the Women’s Scottish Seakayak Festival. Both of us, despite the fact that Michal is not a woman. However lately he often becomes one, since our surnames (Madera for male members of the family, Maderova for female members) seem to be a bit of a riddle for english speaking community. Fortunately Michal is of mellow nature and slowly is coming to terms with the fact that he would be better changing it, although it may cause some gender issues in our native country.

The festival was based in Ettrick bay with food provided by the cafe there, delicious food and unique service, it was.

Paddling was happening at various places of isle of Bute, and many different workshops were offered. I joined the festival as a coach and had a great experience. I met other women coaches and had a good inside in what it means having kayaking as a life style. The participants came from all over the country and some from overseas. They created an atmosphere of enjoyment, laughter and support. It remained me a lot of French style of organising festival: We are all here because we like kayaking, but there are other important things that come with it like food, entertainment, and many more.

What I appreciated a lot was that it was ok to turn up with a husband in toe, fortunately I wasn’t the only one. I have to admit, I really enjoyed that. For once my kayaking was more important then his/theirs. And seeing them getting up in the morning, cooking breakfast, coffee, preparing lunch! for us kayakers, helping to put stuff in the car or boat on the roof, but holding back on the planing, organisation, advice giving, and leadership was wonderful. And what more, from what I observed, we we’re not the only couple where this was happening. Nevertheless, the partners were welcome, they had their own crèche, and hopefully no one minded for them to be around. I would not be able to drive all the way by myself anyway.

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