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Sea Kayaking

As soon as we started sea kayaking we realised that an exciting world of endless fun and opportunities has opened for us. It is a place where life long learning is guaranteed, and new challenges inevitable. 

It was the exploring and learning of new that made us addicted first. Once we gained enough skills to become independent paddlers, we started to teach and coach others. Soon we realised that sharing our knowledge, helping others to progress and reach their goal is very enriching and it become our passion. 

We are offering courses focused on progress, learning and achievement of personal goals as well as guided trips along the amazing British coast.


We offer a variety of

courses such as

How to build confidence in certain environments

Developing leadership skills

Paddling moderate/rough water

Learning or development in surf

Learning specific skills

Rescues and incident management

Practical navigation

Leadership courses

Why us

Michal loves to explore technical elements of each paddle stroke, every wave, every kayak design. He likes to take every skill apart, analyse how it works and put everything together again to achieve better results and progress further. 

Natalie knows the importance of learning in small steps, and overcoming anxiety of being out in challenging sea conditions. The main values on which she bases her coaching are empowerment, enabling progress and providing engaging and fun environment for learning.

Together we compliment each other in combining our unique skills  within the endless sea of opportunities for anyone who wants to accomplish their first trip, overcome personal challenges, achieve goals or satisfy their need for technical details.

Current events


Tidal Thames - 03.12.2022

Tidal Thames - 14/15.01.2023

Focus: How to paddle safely in specific environment of the Tidal Thames

Location: East London/Shadwell


CNTP - Face to Face 20.11.22

Coastal Navigation and Tidal planning course 

Location: Wapping, East London


Sea Kayak Leader
Assessment 08.10.22

BC Seakayak Leader Assessment - tidal

Location: Anglesey

Courses available

Confidence Builders

Personal skills and managing different environments



Water Environment

Confidence paddling in 

moderate/rough water


Fulfil Your Dream

Course is tailored to your needs

tiderace xtra-4.jpg

Having paddled around Britain makes us local in most locations around the coast. You can choose your desired location and together we can make a trip happen, for any level of skills and expertise.

Where do you want to paddle? 

Our courses are for

Our courses are for:


Intromediate Paddler

Has some paddling experience, maybe in different craft or non-tidal environment. The paddler can perform different paddle strokes to get them where they want.  As an intromediate paddler you will get the opportunity to develop your skills to use a variety of paddle strokes effectively. You will have an opportunity to learn about tides, weather, navigation and overall decision making an enjoyable and safe day out on the sea, mainly as part of a group.

Our courses are for:


Intermediate Paddler

Has been paddling sea kayaks for a while and is quite confident in their paddling strokes. They are looking at ways of transferring their skills from flat water to the moving water environment. Intermediate paddler wants to start to paddle independently with peers or to work on their leadership skills. Practical navigation, interpreting data into conditions and sound rescue skills are part of the skills to learn.

Our courses are for:


Advanced Paddler

Is able to paddle independently, with a peer group or as a leader. Such paddler might be looking into transferring their paddling skills into more pushy environment, tideraces, surf, open crossing, or on appropriate decision making skills for a safe day out on the sea in advanced conditions. At the same time advanced paddler might be aware of their skills and want to work on a specific skill to develop proficiency, e.g. forward paddling, or boat handling in the wind exceeding F4. 

British Canoeing

awards and courses we can provide



Sea kayak Award

Sea kayak 

Coastal Award

Coastal Navigation 

and Tidal Planning

What people are saying

Johana, Anglesey

"I was lucky to do two advanced surfing sessions with Natalie and Michal, one in a beach surf, one in a tidal race. I very much like the way they work together as a team.

Their different personalities complement each other perfectly and provide different approaches for everybody who wants to improve their sea kayaking. Natalie conveys a great calm and serenity, Michal has a huge wealth of technical knowledge, both are great paddlers and extremely nice folks. It’s a pleasure to be out on the water with the two of them!"

Rachel and Matthew, Bristol

"Natalie steered us clearly,  step by step through the CNTP course. She was incredibly well prepared and thorough, took time to make sure we were all on the same page and has set us up for a more confident season. Thank you"

Paul L, Hampton Club

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