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How it all started?

Just as we began to paddle and explore sea kayaking we came across a new sea kayak brand, the Tiderace Seakayaks. Upon trying it soon became clear that these kayaks were fitting all of our requirements and needs in terms of comfort and performance. Later it became a very natural choice for our first expedition 


We felt really fortunate that Tiderace decided to support us on our circumnavigation of Britain in 2012. Little did we know that it was the beginning of a growing relationship.

tiderace xtra-1.jpg

How it developed?

As our paddling skills and a range of environment in which we paddled were progressing in the same time the Tiderace range of sea kayaks started to expand. Their support through our paddling helped us to expand our boundaries and become the sea kayakers we are today, giving us opportunities to paddle the variety of their designs.

Where are we now?

We are really fortunate to be Tiderace ambassadors. It gives us opportunity to share our passion with others, to help them to try out best sea kayaks on the market when they are looking for their best fitting boat. On top of that we are happy to help with any sea kayak enquires paddlers might have.

Email us at

                    to arrange a demo

Kayak Models

Michal is more than happy to share his passion for colours, when it comes to choosing the right personalised one.

See all  kayak models here.

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