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After raising almost £5000 when paddling around Britain, and continuing to raise another   £1000 through coaching on various symposiums (Jersey, WSKF Bute and Devon), doing assessments and giving talks, we decided to continue.

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For this reason we launched our new project, the MAD Coaching meaning Make A Difference Coaching. You can read all about it on our page MAD Coaching.

During the preparation to set this up, we held some trial runs, and were privilege to coach the following sessions:

  1. 3* training & assessment in Pembrokeshire,  October 2015

  2. 1 day introduction to sea kayaking for a group of women from Norfolk, November 2015

  3. 1 day introduction to the River Thames for a group of women from Norfolk, November 2015

  4. 1 day paddle with another London based club on Thames, January 2016

  5. 2 days of paddling on the Thames with the Eagle Club from Norfolk

  6. 1* training and assessment

We also have 2 new boats Xplore M and Xscape S for those, who don’t have their own. We believe that the best learning experience is achieved by good quality coaching and good quality and well fitting boats, we have a range in our fleet available for coaching, trips and demos: 2x Tiderace Pace 17, 2x Extra HW, Xplore M, Xcape S.

So if you want to be coached by us, and make a difference to your paddling and to others, please, contact us via email, or FB.

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