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We spent a night in Brandon, a small village on the other side of Kilbaha across the Shannon Estuary.

We have done many crossings, not super long ten to fifteen kilometres long. The low visibility of the past few days saw us following coast on a bearing, covering 35 kilometres before a quick landing, before continuing further.

So when Great Blasket came into view after rounding Sybil Head, we decided it to be our home for the night.

Upon arrival we saw that we arrived to a great holiday island. People were lounging on golden sandy beach, the island itself was green with white washed houses on a hillside. The old village basking in afternoon sun, it’s clochans standing magnificiently.

What’s more, there was a big sign saying Caife – and tea and coffee we had in mind, when we decided upon this destination. The evening was so warm that we went for a swim, and true to holiday place swam with seals. For once the jackets stayed in their dry bags as we could actually dry off by the tents in our swimming costumes. It even had a donkey dressed as Chewbacca from Start Wars. It just could not be nicer.

Even the departure from the island had a holiday theme, only this time one of the more unfortunate nature. The following morning we had Dingle Bay to cross, about 20 kilometres across, the longest crossing Lindsey done so far. We knew we had some current against us to start with, but the headwind joined in as well. The crossing was long. I enjoyed it, but then I always liked long repetitive tasks. However for most of the team it felt like the return from great holidays when you plane just isn’t there, and you have to spent 20 hours at the airport.

However, we can say we saw a whale. A whale!

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