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Although the title might be misleading, three zeros were seen just past the Carnsore Point. We left Kilmore Quay to continue our journey around Ireland. We had the most southeasterly point to go past, Carnsore Point. There isn’t much I can say about this only that instead of planned nuclear power stations it had wind turbines on.

The point itself provided some fun seas, and a slushy smelly short stop. We entered St George’s Channel, which connects Irish Sea and Celtic Sea, by now we paddled through both.

Our spirits were high when we discovered that each and single one of us has a zero on their compass. Yes, we can say it now, we started our last leg towards finish. Yet, nothing is straightforward, and with Lindsey’s back to work day (Monday) fast approaching, the weather seems to like to keep us in the unknown in terms of when the finish will be.

The coast settled into a long line of beaches, which some may describe monotone, but I like long unchangeable coastlines as much as I like cliffs, islands, and anything else.

We made stop in Rosslare for ice cream, and tea-coffee, before continuing with another tide later that evening. We are committed to distance once again. Sadly this resulted in beach camping, but at least this stretch made it into another film “Saving Private Ryan” this time.

The following day, apart from surf launching, brought another long stretch of beaches. However this time regularly broken down by views of smaller and bigger villages, a harbour or two, and eventually some mini cliffs.

Done with surf landings and launching, which I like as much as camping on sand, we were heading to Arklow, big harbour.

Big harbours aren’t easy for camping, yet we were lucky, and ended up staying in Arklow Rowing club for two nights while the weather settles down.

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