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Selsey Bill

We had so much fun at Selsey Bill playing in the tide race when we came the first time. Our enthusiasm, colourful and probably overrated description in Prospect of Whitby the following Tuesday made lots of our fellow club members willing to come next time, too.

We came up with couple of possible dates and spend the next three months chatting on club forum and making plans; who is going; one day or two; camping or not, and who has a car.

As it often happens in life, few days before the actual day many reasons appeared for which suddenly nobody could go. Maybe to go paddling in the eve of leaving for 35 nm wasn’t the cleverest idea. It probably did put some off.  In the end it was only  Alistair still happy to go and Natalie.

And it was even better than the first time.

Anyone to join the next time on 15th of October?

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