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Red Sands Towers

“The Best Paddling in the World”. This is a sentence I’ve heard lately quite often. What is it then? Where shall I go to have this unique experience?

In searching for those answers I went to Anglesey and paddled around Stacks and through Penrhyn Mawr. I did paddle around Isle of Skye and went to Loch Coruisk,  I cannot see how cruising a seakayak on a lake could be “The Best”. I visited Jersey and paddled across to Les Ecrehos but still wasn’t convinced.

I slowly started to realise that “The Best” probably doesn’t exist or more likely would be very personal. What’s really left, are the “Must do Paddle”.

One Spring Friday afternoon Alastair and I decided the weather to be too nice to  just paddle on the Thames. Soon we were heading to Sheppey Isle for a change. During the first hour paddling into the sunset towards Red Sands Towers I felt that this was exactly the reason why I do seakayaking. The sea was gentle, the sun was low on the horizon shining on the Sea forts and lonely container ships leaving London and there was no land in sigh. Everything was perfect and I knew this may not be The Best Paddle in the World but it would be the very one special to me and one of the Must Do for every seakayaker.

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