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Petit Bretagne Rose (and not just the wine)

This week we have discovered the beauty of paddling in warm waters. And forever we will remember the easiness and the speed with which it takes to get ready to paddle. This past week it was the first time we paddled in shorts and no cags in years. Imagine getting ready by the tent, wearing this paddling gear in the car, feeling warm, then when finished paddling everything dries by the time the boats are ready on the roof. Heaven?

No, we are in Britanny. Or as Michal says “People from Grand Bretagne visited people in Petit Bretagne”. And we like it a lot, it has it all: hundreds of islands, strong currents, Atlantic swell, clear water, sandy beaches and all of this topped by pink granite and wine.




Why were we here? Between 18 and 26 of August the CK Mer organised a meet of sea kayakers. It was their 30th anniversary and it was an international affair, which we happened to join. What made it different to British symposiums was that the program wasn’t just paddling orientated, the social side was as important. The organisers did not organise trips, participants have done so among them selves. Yet they organised many evening programs, dance, talks, film screening, roasted pig party, and an evening where all presented countries shared their cuisine specialities.



We have to say a big thank to Andrew (the one who brought us so many cakes in Scotland in June) for telling us about it and taking initial steps to make it possible for us to join. We don’t know where the next one is going to be, but we will look out for it and try to come again. Thank you to all organisers who have worked extremely hard.

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