Old friend Harry

Summer has been coming to an end and I was desperate to get paddling to my favourite location of all, The Old Harry. Unashamedly I often say that paddling around Old Harry is the best paddle on the British Coast. However to make the most of it, it has to be at high tide and the weather should be on the sunny side. This Saturday seemed to be doing just that. Yet, we took a while to get persuaded to pack and go, in the end to some it may seem to be a little bit too far for a day trip location.

But not to me, getting up in the morning, driving for three and half hours is a small sacrifice for what one gets. This time, as a bonus,  we got to go on a ferry.

After that it was quick unpacking and launching to make the most of the now dropping tide.

I wasn’t paddling alone. Toby and Michal were eager to make the most of the day and we headed towards Peveril Point on the other side of Swanage Bay to play in the tiderce.

And yes, this time, it was me who got the camera. 

We practiced some rescues and rolling and overall were making the most of the conditions and good weather. 

Our return journey was less speedy, after all the playing in the waves for few hours took its toll on us.  

Harry was now at low tide, but even then, he looked as handsome as ever.

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