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Eeny Meeny Miny Moe – Which way shall we go?

So here we were, after a long drive to Holyhead, lots of kit faff, dinner, and exciting boarding of the ferry, we were sitting on the boat looking at tidal planning for our first day on the water.

Obviously we had met prior to the trip and discussed planning, paddling and everything, but that was a while ago, when all of us were still distracted by our usual everyday lives. Finally we all had time to focus on the one thing, the same thing, our trip.

When we agreed to go to Ireland, I always thought of the circumnavigation as being started anti-clockwise. Zoe and Lindsey decided that clockwise was the right direction as most people do it that way, and moreover it apparently makes more sense. Finally we were on the ferry looking at the tides and working out if it would be better for us to start north of Dublin harbour and spent the few hours we would have left for paddling that afternoon to cross it to have it done and dusted, or should we start south of Dublin harbour and paddle for short distance south. As the data and information emerged, it became clear that if we go south that afternoon, the tides would be against us. I saw that as a sign and opportunity.

We arrived to Dublin, where we were met by Dave and Michael, who kindly agreed to come and pick us up to give us and our kayaks lift from the port to the water. They were interested which way we were starting, and were only slightly surprised when we said we did not know yet. So coffee followed. Michael then dropped the bombshell, he had circumnavigated Ireland anti clockwise, and had some good arguments why.

At one thirty on Tuesday afternoon we decided to go anti-clockwise. The next challenge was to leave Howth in the right or rather left direction.

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