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Turning Point 

We arrived Þorthöfn early on Tuesday morning after another night crossing. We knew that some bad weather would be on its way and that we would need to spend here few days and nights before reaching the top of Langnes a real turning point in our journey.

Þorthöfn lies on the edge of Þistillfjordur. Once busy town than to herring trade, is now a very small town, however, for us it had all we need: supermarket, Vinbudin, two cafes and swimming pool. Every day we have walked the five hundreds metres along the road from where our tent is to the edge of the town. And while doing so we observe an interesting phenomenon.

People in this town like to drive their cars. They like to drive them but not really leave their town. At some point we started to play a game. We would spot a car and then guess if it had a “potential”, then we would stop and watch. And of course celebrate, if we got it right.

Such car would drive slowly through the village until the edge, then it would turn, and drive back. Amazing.

The game could be taken further, because we could also guess if the car would also do a round around local campsite, or how many times it would go there and back. Some cars would do up to three lapses at any one time. Þorthöfn gives vibes as being a fairly sleepy town, we were the only ones in the cafe, the only ones in the pool, and also few times the only ones in the shop, and we went every day. However cars playing the turning point game could create a traffic jam, especially if at least three were in the same mission.

We are ready to leave tomorrow, the weather is calming enough to give us opportunity to attempt the rounding of the top of this peninsula. I think we will miss Þorthöfn.

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