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Three times three

The last stretch, the one that no one not even us, can see on our tracker has been about trios or things that come in threes.

Firstly, we have paddled across three fjords. First fjord was called Arnarfjordur, and if we paddled inside we could have visited a birth place of Jón Sigurdsson, the leader of the 19th century Icelandic independence movement. We have not done that as that would be just too far in. We stayed on the outside and later spotted a tiny digger fixing a road above the sea on the side of a tall mountain. That was very impressive. After that we crossed the Dýrafjordur. It has a little headland bit, which is very green against black background, with an orange lighthouse at the tip, and surprisingly some sheep as well. The third fjord we have crossed was the Onundarfjordur. Inside which were three identical mountains. All magnificent, black and white, and a little bit surreal. Once again we were taken aback by the scale of the landscape. For the whole day we were imagining being in Greenland. Not that we ever been there, but this is how we imagine it, desolated landscape formed by glaciers.

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