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Three days in Sound of Bute

We arrived to Bute on Sunday evening and did not really know what to expect, since none of us have been to this part of Scotland before. Yet, it did not take long before all was revealed.

It started that night which was thoroughly disrupted by a cow which did not sound happy at all. Never mind, the next day in the morning we left from Ettrick Bay towards Arran. The calmness of the water and the shining sun made us to paddle slowly and enjoy just being, but also to try to fish again. It took all but five minutes and Michal was calling that he may have caught a fish. Indeed he had! And as always, if he had, then I must, too.

I put cast my line and by the time Michal sorted his catch, I had two on mine. By the time he came to help me, there were two more. After this we put the lines away, five fish was enough for our dinner and we continued to enjoy the stillness of the bay.


Until we spotted the fin in the distance and spent the next half hour watching it moving. Later, closer to Arran, there were the camera shy porpoises, too.

bute 1

The next day we decided not to paddle as the camp spot in Sannox was perfect with public toilets, forest for wood, beautiful view over the whole Firth of Clyde, amazing mountains of Arran, and caffe in nearby village. After morning stroll through one of the glens, we decided to visit Lochranza by hitch hiking.


Unfortunately we arrived too late and it looked that while the wooly team was still on the pitch, the browns were moving into the town for celebrations. We had only a distillery and castle left to admire.


The sun the next day persuaded us to leave and we moved onto the mainland close to Skipness. However not before we were shown the great under water display of sea urchins, star fishes and a group of farting fish. No basking shark this time only another group of camera shy porpoises.


Skipness had village shop serving coffee, great ruined castle and a camp spot dominated by friendly and nosy cows.

On Thursday afternoon we arrived back to Ettrick bay and ended the trip by having a shower in Victorian’s toilets which are worth the visit even if you don’t need to use them.

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