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The start of Natalie’s trip to Alaska

My trip of paddling in Alaska with Freya has finally started. I decided to join her long time ago, last Autumn, when it seemed like a great idea and like something that was far far away. And really it still seemed far away even when Michal was already covering miles along the south and later north of the Alaskan peninsula. Then suddenly it was time to get to the airport and go.

The first noticeable thing about my trip was that the planes were getting smaller and smaller as I progressed from London to here. The last smallest plane is still however waiting for us on a wind swept runway in Cold Bay.

It’s too windy and small planes don’t fly in this weather. So as we are waiting for the break in the wind, I’ve been entertaining myself looking around the village. Actually it is called a city, and probably once was by local standards, with about 100 people living here. It has a shop, a hotel, a bar, a library, school which is long shut. The town is fairly new, established during the WWII as a military base, it has no major industry.

However there was some excitement to see at the ferry port, as the ferry comes every 2 weeks.

The flowers frantically waving in the wind made it clear that it still was the summer.

I had a chance to see a bear, hopefully the only one that I would see while here.

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