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Easter is time for celebration for almost everyone and everywhere. People celebrate for various reasons: religious, arrival of Spring, or simply the extended weekend.

For me it is also a time of the year which brings some special memories. Ten years ago shortly after we came to Britain, we went to Cornwall for one of our first climbing trips. I was really amazed by Sennen granite and really took to climbing it. Slowly I tried to push for harder and nicer lines.

The waiting list for the plaster for my wrist was two weeks. Fortunately my friend was not only a skilled carpenter and decorator, he was able to make a good plaster, too.

I went back to Cornwall six weeks later, same place, same people to climb with. This time it wasn’t me who flew away, and our experience of what to do when needed proved helpful. Only the people from the ambulance who got first to the scene were in shock first seeing us again.

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