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Paddling in luxury 

Today, as we were sorting all of the stuff we brought with us for our trip, yet again I was amazed of what has been in my boat. I was amazed to such level, that I had to take two pictures.

First one is of all the electric gadgets we had in our kayaks and the other is of the repair kit. I know it is a lot, this is actually first time I have seen it all lined up together. I always knew the Pace Tour was probably the best kayak to carry all of our stuff on a longer trip. And this time I really became to appreciated it. We were constantly carrying all paddling and camping gear together with food for three weeks, yet I could still fit in all the stuff from those pictures in my kayak, and yes, I haven’t mentioned the books yet.

Of course, there’s the question of why to carry so much. Well, the only answer I can give is, why not. It fits, and doesn’t compromise the kayak handling either. Pace can easily handle the load and more importantly still be fun to paddle. And you know what, I simply don’t believe that by making the time spent on and off the water harder or even miserable by leaving some of it behind, would make me paddle better, longer, further or harder. Not to mention the misery if something actually did break, but fortunately nothing ever had.

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