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Let’s talk about weather

I don’t feel that we’ve talked enough about the weather so far. Ok, we did with everyone we met. The holiday makers say what an awful or unfortunate luck with the weather they had. The locals say that the winter has been harsh and long this year and everything is by four weeks late. The newspaper said that the snow falling in the Highlands at the end of April didn’t suggest a good May. A local man said that there hasn’t been Spring yet. The sheep are hitting fences in a bit to break through and get to the grass on his tennis court. Overall everyone agrees that this year has been unusual compare to normally and May have not lived to everyones expectations.

Being here for four weeks we learnt that it’s no point to dwell on the fact that this year’s extraordinary circumstances put halt on our project so far, we just hope it won’t be doom and gloom in June, too. On the other hand we’re quite enjoying this unsettled weather.

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