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Having spent a week on St Kilda allowed us to get to know the people, who worked there, came there to visit for a day or few. We decided to write this post to share all the great memories we have of people we’ve met.

The first person we met in the afternoon after our arrival was Derek from Go To Kilda company, who organises day trips from Skye. He was very excited by our news that we kayaked there, something we took as a fact, but he appreciated greatly, and invited us to share coffee and cake with his clients at the end of their day visit. Next group of people we met were the four bird watchers doing a survey for National Trust, who stayed in Feather Store. Not only they invited us to use their kettle whenever we wanted to make a tea, which saved us lots of effort lighting our stove, but they also invited us over for dinner.

After that we were invited by Martin from the first NT work party to take part in the Chimney Run. Normally I wouldn’t be seen running or moving fast up the hill, but since it involved the certificate, we couldn’t resist. He also gave us a priceless advise how to survive our walk into the skua territory.

Later in the week we had a hot chocolate offered by the crew of the cruise ship Hebridean Princess.

Four men on a yacht called the Graphix, who were delighted to make it to Kilda also invited us for dinner. We shared great stories. We met them again once we landed in Levenbourg on Monday.

Towards the end of the week the campsite filled with few other people and we all celebrated the longest day of the year in the museum.

We have to say special thanks to Janice from the forbidden base, who always asked if we were fine, had enough food, and gave us some great cake.

During this trip we got to appreciate the time we were forced to spent in one place for a prolonged period of time. It gave us opportunities to get to know places we normally would not visit or make effort to explore. It also allowed us chance to get to know people, who were there either living or visiting, and their reasons why, and what mattered to them. This became a big part of the memories created during this journey.

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