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Ever since we have arrived to Iceland, we heard: “The weather can be really warm, in the summer”, “We go on holidays, in the summer”, “We wear shorts in the summer”, and lots of other statements to do with the summer. We were also asked lot, why are we kayaking now (then), and not in the summer. Mind you, since we were paddling in May, June, and July, we started to question about when the summer actually is. The answers altered depending on the month, in May it was in June, in June it was in July. Then in July, we finally found the Icelandic summer. And now we know what it means.

It started when we reached the south coast. The flowers peeked out of the black sand. The sun became so hot, that we could not only remove our hats, and some of the layers, but go as far as short sleeved T-shirt. Our butter started to melt. And we started to see farmers working on hay making. And soon, the summer was all around us, and we became part of it. 

It was warm, it was lovely, just one little detail about the summer was kept away from us by Icelandic people. That is, that it becomes windy and stays windy for many days.

Fortunately at that point we were able to find something to occupy ourselves with while waiting for the wind to calm, and for few days we became farm hands. 

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