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All good things need to end

Monday we have bid our farewell to Kilda convinced that we would be back quite soon. We had great time circumnavigating the island and revisiting Boreray and the stacks on board of the Elisabeth G.

Rodel’s a natural harbour with restaurant right on the shore. It is also famous for its church, one of the largest sixteenth century church in Britain.

We found it quite hard to give in once accepting a challenge, in the same time from past experiences, climbing or kayaking, we learnt that sometimes one just has to accept the inevitable and go with the flow, or wind. And so, what took us almost two hours to paddle against the wind, took us twenty five minutes back with it.

Dunvegan, we decided, would be the end of our trip.

We entered Dunvegan on Thursday afternoon knowing we didn’t want to paddle any more, but not really knowing, what would happen next. After all we don’t own a car, just the boats. True, we placed posts on FB and UKRG forum hoping that somehow we would be able to sort things out. What we didn’t expect, was for things to move on so quickly. The same evening we were very kindly picked up by Gordon Brown and brought down to Skayak Adventures. A plan was made, our boats would stay on Skye for a while until being picked up by our friend from London in few weeks.

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