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Across Breidafjoerdur

Yesterday we said good bye to Sneafell peninsula and crossed towards Western Fjords. It was about 30NM and we estimated we would need ten hours for this. We set off fairly early in the morning as not to have to land too late. This wasn’t our first crossing of this distance, but the conditions we had, were one of the biggest we experienced so far. Again it was nothing we have not paddled in before, however on such a long exposed water it was something. The wind was mostly from side generating waves, which were then emphasised by big swell. And so it went on all day. Only towards the evening the wind probably decided we must have been too warm, and stared to cool us down in our faces.

As always, the last three hours were the longest. The land was close enough to see it well, but it took forever to get there closer.

Then, finally, we were there. It took ten hours and then some time to find suitable landing place. The big rolling swell was rolling exactly towards the same beach as us. Fortunately we found a little-tiny-bit-almost-nothing sheltered bay and manage to execute surf landing between rocks, something I always wanted to do after 12 hours paddling.

It took forever to get the boats sorted and our tent pitched. To the point that we had to go to sleep without dinner. There was no energy to get the stove going.

On the plus side, morning was wonderful, sunny, we had great view over the sea, and yet more rolling waves, waterfall was humming in the background, as we enjoyed coffee. Somehow we were still quite tired from yesterday and needed to take it slowly to recover.

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