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A chance encounter

We were paddling north from Huisinish Point towards Uig Sands bay to seek shelter from the forecasted storms. Wind was calmer that day and we were looking forward to making good progress. The landscape was amazing, the sea was washing on the tall rocky hills, which were cut by deep running lochs.

All was revealed very soon. This was indeed the Seakayaking Plocton trip to St Kilda. You see, once, when we sat on shore feeling a bit frustrated with the weather, we decided to google all the kayak companies organising a trip to St Kilda this year. And Sea kayaking Plocton was one of them. It then gave us an interesting topic for conversations between us about whether they would go, because of the state of the weather this year. And on that day, as we sat in the waves, we had a quick talk about whether they left or not, and how much paddling they will probably do, knowing that the storms were coming. So here they were, in front of us, on board of MV Cuma.

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