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Three days ago we paddled around Butt of Lewis. It was nice day on water, I really like days like this one, it was a wee butt bouncy. Well, this is how it started. There are some many sentences where one can use the word Butt, and once you are out paddling for long enough, then you start to think in slightly, or more than slightly skewed way. In the end our whole day was filled with the Butt variety. Butt I think it would be better to spare you of most of our conversation, otherwise you might never read what we would write again.

Fortunately, as I said, our experience was different one, could almost be called buttiful. We even got to surf down waves past the lighthouse. And landed safely in the picturesque harbour of Port Ness. The beach here reminded us of Dureness, the harbour itself brought memory of entering Dunbar harbour, a mixture of natural and manmade.

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