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First day is done

The first day of paddling is done. We had amazing conditions, something we would wish to have for the rest of the trip. It was dry, sunny spells, tail wind and following sea, conditions not too big to be fun. Yet, despite all this, we’ve only paddled for few hours and did a little distance. But that’s ok, we know we are slow starters. Being out on a trip like this takes out of a person. There are more important things to get on with than just paddling. It’s the whole being out and living out of a kayak. The boats are not light, they are quite heavy, and since I can’t really lift anything over 12 kilos, so it takes a lot of time and power to get them in and out of water. We have to get used to knowing where things are and take them out of the bags and back in the bags. Setting up a tent and sleeping stuff also takes time and effort. And so we learnt that we just need to take time to get into the swing of things.  On the last trip our slow start resulted in three days in a hostel, this time at least treated ourselves to a nice cmapsite in Akranes. 

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